I started my career as an animator at Chips and Toon where I learned a lot from my colleagues. I got to do everything from storyboarding to character designing and working on a short film story from inception. I gained a lot of experience and knowledge during my time there.

I then took the basics of what I learned and applied them to other creative jobs like games and illustrating books. Animation is a useful skill and it has been great to see how it can be used in many different ways.

5 Shades of Solitude

A man experiences five different shades of solitude - depression, yearning, denial, divergence and boredom - at different times of the day, while he is struck by a fading memory of a girl that occupied his heart. By Qing Sheng Ang.

This is a small part I animated for the short film.

Animation Reel

My animation reel from my time as as an Animator at Chips and Toon.

I notably got to work on Stoneboy, an animated series shown on Nickelodeon Asia.

Animated Illustrations

These are some of the animated illustrations I have done for fun. My favourite way to communicate and tell stories is through small looping gifs.

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