Children's Books Illustrations

A collection of Children's books I have illustrated over the years.

Hurry, Murry!

Hurry, Murry!

Writer: Yi Lin Tan
Publisher: Marshall Cavendish International (Asia) Pte Ltd

Murry is tired of being told to hurry. It’ s not that he doesn’t want to pick up the pace. Sloths just are not made to move fast. Can’t everyone see that he is trying his best?

Murry dreams of being good at sport. But whoever has seen a sloth win a race or score a goal? Poor Murry feels destined to be slow forever.

However, one day, an excursion to the lake helps Murry discover his speed and that you don’ t always need to hurry to be fast.

Hurry Murry! is a story about how it is possible to achieve success by going at one’ s own pace in a fast-moving world.

Kembar Adriana dan Amalia series

Kembar Adriana dan Amalia series

Writer: Maria Mahat
Publisher: Ungu Pen

A Malay language 4 book series about twin sisters Adriana and Amalia. As best friends despite being very different people, they learn to get along and discover new things.

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