I occasionally host workshops. While I have held various types of drawing workshops, most of them mainly focus on simple animation to make it accessible for everyone. With the use of phones and tablets in this digital age, it has never been easier to create animations for self-expression. My goal is to help participants find a new interest in expressing themselves through art and storytelling.

Apple Talk

This workshop was designed to teach participants how to draw and create simple animations on their iPad, as well as how to write animated messages to themselves or anyone they wanted to share it with.

The main focus was on self-expression through the medium of animation, with the goal of helping people to better communicate their thoughts and feelings.

Living Doodles

This workshop was done in collaboration with Naoki Ichiryu.

This workshop was designed to encourage people to use their imagination and view the world in a different light.

Participants learned how to insert fun animated doodles into videos, transforming them into a new and unique story. The goal was to inspire creativity and provide a new way of storytelling through animation.

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