Today at Apple

I was glad to have the chance to share my enjoyment of animation and self-expression in a talk at Apple. For a while, I had been creating small animated messages on my tablet to motivate myself, and I knew it was the perfect opportunity to share this calming and fun activity with others. The workshop ended up being both engaging and meaningful, as it allowed me to connect with people and encourage them to motivate themselves with their own creativity.

The Workshop

I got to share how animation has helped me cope through life's challenges and see things in a different way. I taught participants how to come up with their own ideas based on their lives, and showed them the basics of animation so they could create their own messages.

It was a fun and interactive session that gave everyone the tools they needed to start animating.

Participant Sharing Session

At the end of the workshop, we had a sharing session where we got to see what everyone came up with and discuss why they chose to write that message. It was a great opportunity to connect with them and see what creative messages people respond to.

It was a great experience.

Here are some other images from the workshop.

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