This is a collection of my personal illustrations, which often revolve around animals. I find nature comforting, which is why they feature so prominently in my work.
While many of these illustrations are standalone pieces, I have also created a series called "It's okay" as a reminder to myself that things will be alright.

"It's Okay" series - A personal project

'It's Okay' Full Illustrations

This series features a grey, ambiguous humanoid blob and an orange cat exploring different places or engaging in various activities.

It originated as a way for me to remain calm and motivated in life, with the blob acting as an adventurous and composed avatar. By using animals and creatures to depict different situations and feelings, it creates a safe space to study these emotions.

This artwork is part of a series created for the Tokyo Art Fair in collaboration with two other artists. The theme was mental health, specifically anxiety and panic. Anxiety can lead to a never-ending cycle of panic, but embracing emotions rather than denying them can help break the cycle and find a sense of calm.

Everyday Reminders

These are just a few of the many illustrations that were made to motivate and encourage me, with the hope that it can somehow do the same for others. The messages are simple, reminding people of the small things that can make their day a little better. It's easy to forget these small things, but they can have a big impact.

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