Living Doodles Workshop

I had the pleasure of co-running this workshop with Naoki Ichiryu. Our goal was to share the joy of animation and encourage participants to see the world in a new way. The workshop focused on animating doodles on live action videos, creating a new story or context that wasn't there before. We wanted to show that even everyday things can be made interesting with a bit of imagination. The best part about this was that the animations are small and easy to create, and can be made on a tablet or phone, making it accessible to anyone.

These clips were animated by Naoki as examples

Finding interesting everyday scenes

Before the workshop, Naoki and I went around Singapore to record videos of everyday scenes that had the potential to inspire ideas for animation. It was a fun and interesting exercise to find the hidden storytelling potential in the mundane.

The Workshop

The Workshop was run at Game Start. We had a lot of fun running the workshop, where we talked about the possibilities of animation and how it has helped us see the world differently. We shared storytelling tips, the fundamentals of drawing effects animation, and how to bring it to life on their own smartphones. The session was lively and interactive, and everyone had a great time sharing their ideas as they animated their own unique doodles.

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