Zouk Garage Run

Dictated the Art Direction and created assets for an interactive experience created for Zouk's social media as part of a giveaway campaign. 

Zouk Garage Run

Below are early concepts created for the campaign, going for a specific vaporwave aesthetic that would also meet Zouk's brand. The "game" was to simulate a racing game on instagram stories where the players had to tap on the screen before the car crashes.

These assets were created to be modular so that we could populate the background with a combination of different assets as the car races through.

Video Editing

As the game was going to be instastory, video editing was needed. The basic game was actually built in a game engine and recorded, as that was faster than animating the whole thing. We then edited the recordings to add more effects and to make it compatible for instagram.


Also animated basic effects for the video in after effects.

Final Video

A very short clip of what the final video looked like in comparison to the concepts made earlier.

Using Format