Games and Art Direction

Work done as a Game Artist and eventually a full time Art Director.

Game Art

As a freelance Game Artist, I had the opportunity to work on various games for different studios, creating assets and concepts for them.
The games range from fun casual mobile games, to educational games for children.

Super Parcel Panic

Malay Educational Games

Zouk Garage Run

Assets for other games

Below are various miscellaneous assets done for different game studios as a freelance artist.

Art Direction

As the Art Director at Lionfish Studios, I got to lead the visual direction of projects and bring the corporate clients' creative vision to life. I worked with a team of artists and handled processes to make sure everything ran smoothly and on time. I also helped clients understand the technical stuff into easy to understand terms so they could make informed decisions about their projects' visual direction. It was fun and I liked creating interactive games and experiences.

Paw and Produce

Red Bull Hoop Fest

Virtual Village

Pick's Thoerem

The individual pages for these two games will be updated soon.

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